Do not worry, we have instructions on how to install the Reflex stabilizer. Let us to use Balance Bar of sanhuan 6026-1 rc helicopter for example,  the following the photos 1 to 7 will show you how to install or replace your balance bar.

SanHuan Repair and 6026 Spare Part

SanHuan Repair and 6026 Spare Part

Note: If you are replacing the entire upper assembly, and not just the bar, please see the Upper Balance Bar Assembly Replacement notes at the top of the picture.

This is the easy one to replace. First twist the wheel off the top. Then take out the pin that holds the stabilizer bar on the shaft. Needle-nose pliers work best for taking the pin out. Try not to damage the two plugs that the pin passes through, you will need to reuse them. Once the pin is out you can slide the stabilizer bar off the shaft and slide the new one on in its place. Put the plugs back in. Push the pin back through the plugs to hold the stabilizer bar on the shaft. Twist the top back on and you are ready to fly.

Have fun.